"...Nineteen year-old Christy Huddleston decides to leave a sheltered life of luxury in 1912 Asheville to serve as a teacher in a remote mission schoolhouse in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Young and naive but optimistic, she finds herself in the midst of overwhelming poverty, ignorance and superstition, yet also surrounded by great beauty, faith and love....

...The future of Christy hinges on the viewer response to Choices of the Heart and the willingness of the PAX network to produce further episodes. If all it took to bring a series to television was faith, Christy would air for years. After all, the fans of this remarkable story certainly have faith in abundance & who knows, they may just be right...."

Christy a distinguished story of survival, discovery

Christy Pilot Part 1/10

Christy: Lost and Found 1/5

Christy Both your Houses 1/5

Christy A Closer Walk Part 3/5

Christy Judgment Day 1/5

Christy Eye of the Storm 1/5

Christy: Amazing Grace 1/5

Christy: The Sweetest Gift Part 1/10

Christy: To Have and To Hold Part 1/5

Christy: The Hunt Part 1/5