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Romans 12:19
Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”
joshua_24_15Do not avenge ur enemies.Pray for them and love them.It is difficult but we have a helper, Holy Spirit. We have a God who will deal with all of us with justice.We are not perfect ourselves.And Jesus cannot be wrong(I stole my Mum's line💕)-Matthew 5:44📖

This really happened.My visiting pastor is a wonderful, loving and very humble man of God👑He lived in a flat with his lovely wife & 3 kids.His daughter & I are of same age.I am sure every1 understands how kids giggle & laugh when they play at home or fight with siblings.My pastor's kids would do the same as kids,not like they were very loud

Their neighbour was a 60yr old couple.Now this woman had a problem with our God,with my pastor,his wife & kids.Whenever she would see him, she would abuse him loudly.He would just walk away quietly. She had such hatred for us kids. Imagine a 60yr aunt hating on 13 yr olds😳everyone knew about this

One day all the building people gathered on the terrace for AGM.My pastor was 5mins late.He walked in & was looking for a chair. This lady took off one of her shoe and threw it hard aiming his face.The proximity wasn't much so it hit his face.There was sudden silence and then chaos.Yet my pastor quitely sat on a chair and asked all the members to continue

Suddenly that lady's servant boy came running upstairs telling Uncle(the lady's husband)is dead.He had a massive heart attack and he passed away.A member who was a dr checked him imm

My pastor was the 1st to call the ambulance.He went to the hosp himself with other neighbours with the body.Later that night, that lady came and begged him to pray for her and her children.She kept saying he died because I attacked you.Everytime I used to abuse you something would go wrong but I refused to believe it was because of what I did to you,she said.He immediately forgave her and told her, he never hated her but only prayed for her well being.

We were so filled with fear.Today that lady is a born again believer and serving the Lord. Be careful and do hate or attack God's people.Pray 4 ur enemies🙏

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