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Catholic church false idols and statues exposed
If the Bible is true, then everyone who dies goes immediately to his reward, be it Heaven or Hell. Therefore, anyone who claims to communicate with dead people is actually communicating with demons.

There are many religions that practice necromancy. Roman Catholicism is probably the best known. Roman Catholics pray to the Virgin Mary and also to dead saints. The Virgin Mary of Roman Catholicism is not the mother of Jesus Christ, but an ancient goddess. However, because they believe they are praying to Mary, who is dead, Roman Catholics are actually communicating with demons. This means that Roman Catholics are practicing witchcraft. They are earning themselves a generational curse.

Moreover, because prayer is a form of worship, Roman Catholics are worshipping demons. In fact, according to Strong’s Concordance of the Bible, necromancy is a form of worship. (See Strong’s #1875 and 4161.)

Part of being a Catholic country.
Last December, Duterte revealed that a Jesuit priest molested him when he was in high school but was too afraid to file a complaint.

Duterte, however, went beyond Catholic doctrines and questioned the relevance of the scriptures themselves.

“Those were written 3,000 years ago. Ano ba pakialam natin sa kanilang sinulat?” he said.
Of the commercial anting-antings, the most popular is the one used for exorcism of the nakulam or na-engkanto (hexed or bewitched). Then there are those used as gayuma (love charms), one of which is the "soft" anting - "malambot na anting" — to which is attributed the holder's easy ways with women. There are antings for business and good fortune, for travel, passing exams and easy childbirths. There are amulets to protect against physical dangers—snakes, fires, accidents, ambushes and bullets; amulets to protect against evil spirits—nuno sa punso, black dwarfs, tikbalangs (half-man half-horse creatures), and other elementals. And there is the macabre and ghoulish anting, the powers obtained and sustained from regular drinking of shots of lambanog drawn from a large glass container (bañga) with an alcohol-preserved aborted fetus at the bottom.


Filipino amazing healer / pinakamagaling na albularyo sa batangas

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