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Jon & Chris sharing God's love with others after they shared with my younger brother and nephew (fuzzy pic) after eating some delicious #crepes

"..Where Prayers and Pray – ers meet…to set captives free & impact the world!

Welcome. My name is Jon.

As a result of prayer, I myself was freed from my sins and hell-fire back in 1974 when I put my faith in Jesus, repented (surrendered to God), and asked Him to forgive my sins and make me the kind of person He wanted me to be. Years later, I received freedom and healing from my anger/bitterness problem through the prayers of many, and the prayers led by a very helpful and precious Biblical counselor. Not yet all I want to be, I still need freedom in some areas of my life and hope you will pray for me. Thanks in advance. May God bless you on your journey and in your use of this website!

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“[Jesus] said to them, This kind cannot come out by anything but prayer” (Mark 9:29 NASB)..."

Chris and John from fire ministries teaming up with Justice of Prayer in Robbinsdale??? both from California.

A Thief in the Night, Trailer


Being lost in hollywood to knowing Jesus and serving Him
DescriptionReaching out to the people is a mandate that God has set before us, we have the responsibility to share the gospel, God is love and we share the Love of God that was manifested through Jesus Christ our Lord who died on the Cross for the ungodly and was buried but rose again on the Third day. He is at right hand of God and one day He will come to judge the dead and living. believe in Him receive Him and you shall be saved. share this simple Gospel message with people, Gospel is not complicated, its a simple powerful message.

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