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Roberto Clemente 1971 ASG Home Run

The Christian Witness of Roberto Clemente by William Doino Jr.
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Nowhere was that more apparent than in the jubilant locker room after the 1971 World Series. When he was awarded the Series MVP, he thanked the presenter in English, then immediately spoke in Spanish, blessing his family, thanking his parents, and asking for their blessing as well on “the most important day of my life.” It was a moment all Latinos who saw remember with pride and emotion”and still moves anyone who watches it today. “With Roberto it was always faith and family first, everything else second,” said Father Gutierrez. Just like his parents had taught him, back in Puerto Rico.

In fact, it was the Hall of Famer’s faith that led to him to offer his life for the sake of others. After an earthquake struck Nicaragua and caused mass suffering, Roberto was determined to rush relief supplies to the country, and he wanted to take them in person, to make sure they got to the victims. But his plane crashed shortly after takeoff, and he died at sea, on his humanitarian mission.

Christians don’t often think of athletes as witnesses for their faith”especially these days in a sports world marred by greed, illegal drugs and scandal”but if ever there was one, it was Roberto Clemente. He was not just a baseball star, but one of Heaven’s as well.

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