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French priest, 89, is forced to RETIRE after video of him slapping a crying baby went viral

Viral video shows MAGA hat-wearing teens harassing Native American Vietnam veteran

Covington Catholic apologizes over students mocking Native American, threatens expulsions
Covington Catholic High School in Park Hills and the Diocese of Covington apologized for the behavior of their students in a statement Saturday afternoon, saying “the behavior is opposed to the church’s teachings on the dignity and respect of the human person.”

The students had taken the trip to Washington to attend the March For Life. The Indigenous Peoples March also was held Friday in the nation’s capital.

Videos of the encounter be...

A longer video available Sunday showed the events that led up to the confrontation between the student and Phillips. A small group of men associated with the Black Hebrew Israelites were yelling at the crowd that eventually included the students. The students then started doing some of their student section cheers, including a version of the haka, a ceremonial Maori dance popularized by the New Zealand national rugby team.

Phillips and a small group of Native Americans walked into the scene and stood between the students and the Black Hebrew Israelites as the students made noise along with the drum before surrounding Phillips.

Full video of what transpired regarding Catholic High students