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The CIA was created by the Jesuits.
The founder, Alan Dulles, was a Knight of Malta. President Harry Truman was a Freemason. William J. Donovan, called the ‘Father of Central Intelligence, was a Knight of Malta


Prosecutors portrayed Sterling as a disgruntled former employee who exposed a plan to stall Iranian ambitions to build a nuclear weapon in an attempt to discredit the CIA. That operation involved using a CIA agent nicknamed "Merlin" to deliver flawed nuclear blueprints to Iran in the hopes that they would spend years trying to develop a product that would never work.

Risen described the mission in his 2006 book "State of War." Citing anonymous sources, Risen suggested it was a reckless and botched operation that may have actually helped advance the Iranians' nuclear program. The CIA has strongly disputed that idea.



9/11 Pentagon Footage Conspiracy Documentary

the 9/11 video that was aired once and never aired again
"Are people missing the fact that the reporter is saying live on air there are NO parts of plane anywhere"

*I took this from the plane as we were leaving Washington D.C. for home (Minnesota)