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"..Rising from the ashes of the 1982 fire that destroyed the old Northwestern National Bank Building, the Norwest Center reaches 57 stories above Minneapolis, and is perhaps the city's best skyscraper. Even though this is a product of the 1980's, it keeps the traditional art deco feel of the first batch of American skyscrapers churned out 50 years earlier like Rockefeller Center in New York (see also Chrysler Building, New York and Carew Tower, Cincinnati). Entering the building leaves you in an immense pedestrian zone ("Gaviidae Common") with a a 100-foot-tall dome looming above you -- a grand act paying homage to the architecture of ancient times, yet concealed from the outside by a thoroughly modern building. While the Norwest Center was originally intended to be the tallest building in Minneapolis, a redesign brought its total high to several inches under the IDS Center. Nevertheless, the building is a source of great pride for people living in the city. At night floodlights illuminate the tower at each of the building's setbacks...."

Wells Fargo Center

90 South 7th Street
Minneapolis MN United States

Wells Fargo Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota