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'Case for Christ' wins Best Picture at Christian visual media awards

"The Case for Christ" -- the 2017 film about Arlington Heights native and former Daily Herald and Chicago Tribune journalist Lee Strobel -- has won Best Picture at the International Christian Visual Media Gold Crown Awards.

The film, which grossed nearly $15 million at the box office, tells of the one-time atheist's effort to use his investigative skills to disprove Christianity only to become convinced of its truth.

The hypovolemic shock was caused by massive loss of blood. Jesus’ heart would have started racing trying to pump blood that was no longer in his veins, his blood pressure plunged, causing fainting and collapse, his kidneys stopped functioning and he became insanely thirsty.

Second, according to Metherell, crucifixion was an incredibly cruel, agonizingly slow way to die. The five-to-seven-inch spikes would have been driven into his wrists – not the traditional palms of his hands – which would crush the median nerve, causing “absolutely unbearable” pain; “in fact, it was literally beyond words to describe, they had to invent a new word, excruciating.” A similar effect resulted when the spikes were driven into Jesus’ feet.
Third, and worst of all, was the death by the asphyxiation and cardiac arrest caused by hanging on the cross. Metherell explained to Strobel that “the stresses on the muscles and diaphragm put the chest into the inhaled position, so, basically, in order to exhale, the individual must push up on his feet, so the tension on the muscles would be eased.