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Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

Hacksaw Ridge (2016) Official Trailer –
"....Doss’s faith and courage were forged growing up in Lynchberg, Va., the middle child of William Doss, a carpenter and WWI veteran, and Bertha Doss, a homemaker. As depicted in the movie, young Doss was captivated by a framed poster of the Ten Commandments hanging in his childhood home. He was particularly intrigued by a illustration of the Sixth Commandment, showing Cain murdering his brother Abel. His father, played by Hugo Weaving in the movie, suffered from alcoholism and depression relating to the PTSD he suffered in the war. In the movie, a young Doss wrestles a gun out of his father’s hand during a fight between his parents. The scene draws on a real event in Doss’s life, in which a fight between his father and uncle made him swear off guns.

Hacksaw Ridge Desmond Doss Documentary-The Conscientious Objector